by Giuseppe Verdi

No witching powers I claim,
Yet I’ve a certain je ne sais quoi,
I confess.

Sir John Falstaff is the ultimate human juxtaposition - old yet immature, hapless but manipulative, decent yet wickedly indecent. Also a man of many appetites, the lecherous Falstaff can’t resist his favorite vices - food, women and wine. Suddenly finding himself broke, he hatches a plot to cure his woes - he sends identical love letters to two married women to get his hands on their wealthy husbands’ purse strings. Falstaff doesn’t bank on getting found out and with the help of some ‘merry wives’, husbands and supernatural creatures, he gets his due and finds out the joke is on him.

A brilliant comedy based on a character from Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor, this period piece boasts an updated twist, pops of color and designs from a modern point of view for modern tastes.

All performances at the San Diego Civic Theatre
The Civic Theatre Concourse opens 2 hours before each performance with a fun outdoor cafe with food vendors, bars, and a Hollywood-style Step and Repeat where you can take photos and win tickets (weather permitting).Free backstage tours beginning at 5:30pm for the 7pm performance and 12:30pm for the 2:00pm performance - available to ticket holders.

Attend a pre-opera lecture for Falstaff one hour before each performance (6:00pm for the evening performances, 1:00pm for the Sunday matinee). Held in the Orchestra section and free to all ticketed patrons.

In Italian with projected English supertitles - Learn more »
Roberto de Candia — Sir John Falstaff
Ellie Dehn — Alice Ford
Troy Cook — Ford
Maureen McKay — Nanetta
Jonathan Johnson — Fenton
Marianne Cornetti — Dame Quickly
Kirstin Chávez — Meg Page
Simeon Esper — Bardolfo
Reinhard Hagen — Pistola
Joel Sorensen — Dr. Caius
Daniele Callegari — Conductor
Olivier Tambosi — Director
Frank Philipp Schlössmann — Set and Costume Designer